Discover The Tricks Of The Leaflet Circulation

The introduction of email marketing was supposed to be the death of direct marketing, in its traditional forms.  However, email marketing can be seen as an intrusive, with leafleting and flyers being less so.

Latest statistics indicate leaflet distribution being among the most effective types of direct advertising.

36% bought or ordered from Direct Mail in the last 12 months (Touchpoints 7)

The Data & Marketing Association, Research

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) is the trade body that manages the direct marketing sector and data management.  They look at how responsive advertising is for direct response. i.e. someone acting directly from an advertising message.

Current research around leaflet distribution shows some staggering figures in support.

  • 97 % of all consumers stated that they have received some form of leaflet or leaflet promotional product
  • 66 % of the group aged between 15 to 34 claims that they have taken direct action upon receipt of door dropped printed notifications.
  • Customers are 10 % more likely to action on a hand delivered leaflet rather than a notice provided through direct mail.

Leaflet Distribution Options

With different options for distributing leaflets available including, inserts (leaflets included in a local paper), personal distribution (delivered by hand to people in high streets, sports arena’s, shopping centres or public spaces), direct mail (within an envelope), Royal Mail (delivered with peoples post) and individually delivered through the letterbox.

Regional newspaper inserts have been traditionally a very popular way to deliver your message.  Inserts are found within the newspaper’s main pages.  As circulations have dwindled so has the popularity of this advertising opportunity.  With readers now looking online for their local news, regional papers have become smaller in size.  Inserts are dropped, recycled or discarded as quickly the consumer opens the paper or simply fall onto the floor.

Distributing leaflets in a public space can be an effective type of direct advertising however, under growing pressure from environmental lobbyists, this type of leaflet distribution has now been managed by individual local councils.

You must gain a distribution license to deliver leaflets in a public location.  Without a license a £75 can be levied for individual offenses and for repeat offenders a penalty of up to £2,000.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail runs a leaflet delivery service which has proven popular with larger business wanting to blanket by postcode. There are strict rules that need to be adhered to including paper origin and the number of leaflets.  This can make this an expensive option, and not one feasible for many smaller SMEs.

The Royal Mail also offer sole distribution rights for post codes for industry sectors nevertheless as the leaflet arrives with a bundle of mail that takes priority, the same problems are experienced as with local paper insert leaflets.

Letterbox Distribution

At Letterbox Distribution we have been delivering leaflets, flyers and promotional material to homes in London and the South East since 1989.  We have over 30 years of experience and can help guide you to drive return on investment for you campaigns.