Leaflet Printing And Distribution

Marketing your company to the public by leaflet printing and distribution is proven to be cost-efficient and really reliable.

When running a marketing campaign firstly you must ensure you have clear aims and objectives.  Which is the best way to consider communicating your products and services to your target audience. Publishing display or search ads online or through the standard approach of TV ads and Print promotion.  With many advertising options available picking the right one that meet you aims and objectives.  Therefore, it is fundamentally important to driving business success whilst maintaining sensible budgeting.

Advertising options, which one to chose?

TV, outdoor and radio ads have high production costs as well as being difficult to gain cut through.  Larger budgets are paramount to ensure your ads are seen through the clutter.  Online advertising with companies such as Google, Bing and Yell allow for more local targeting but can be difficult to manage if you are not analytical and understanding of the targeting process.


Leaflets on the other hand offer an opportunity to reach a wide audience at a very affordable cost.  Previously described as the “Poor man’s promo” leaflet distribution is now having a renaissance through impressive statistics from the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) on delivering return on investment (ROI).

Leaflets are a fast and direct way of getting your message into the hands of your target audience.  At Letterbox Distribution we have a loyal and dedicated team who can target your audience in shopping centres, high streets, bus stations and outside major commuter hubs such as the London Underground or National Rail train stations.

Alternatively, we can deliver these leaflets into the homes of the consumer.  Let us know your targeting requirements and we will travel to your select locations and deliver your leaflets into the homes of 1000’s of potential new customers.

Leaflets allow for a more concise delivery of message.  When the customer returns home, they will pick up the leaflet and often read and consume your message.  With direct call to action in their hands, they can act on your message or offer immediately.


Leaflets can be printed rather cheaply and also can be printed on recycled paper.

Basic sizes of paper are A4 or A5 and generally printed on both sides of the paper in a glossy or matte finish type of papers and can be printed in full color or plainly black and white.